Brave Dogs are here to establish a brand within the Cardano ecosystem, created and driven by a community of creators, developers, and innovators, powered by utilities and collective intelligence.



Unique High Quality Art

A Collection of 4888 visually striking Dogs with an incredible level of detail. The collection boasts an extensive array of meticulously hand-drawn traits, each curated with a deliberate and thoughtful process to ensure unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal.

Fuelled By Utilities

Experience the future of NFTs with our project - loaded with innovative utilities like WenftDrops and BraveMint a lot more to come, that will drive the ecosystem forward while keeping it exciting! Join us on this thrilling journey!

From The Team of WenftDrops

Get ready for an exhilarating journey with @BraveDogsNFT, brought to you by the experienced team of @WenftDrops. We officially launched in March'22, & as a cutting-edge Web3 tool, we offer the most intuitive CNFT Calendar and various revolutionary features.

Our team

Meet Our Team

Who we are

We are a team dedicated to building on the Cardano blockchain. We believe that by bringing innovative functionalities into the NFT space, we can move the ecosystem positively while keeping it exciting! Hop in to enjoy the journey!

our mission

Introducing a new and exciting venture aimed at building a brand on the Cardano blockchain for the community of creators, developers, and innovators. Our mission is to fuel this community with various utilities and resources while fostering an environment of intellectual engagement and growth.

Genesis Dog Tag

PERKS OF Genesis Dog Tag

Genesis Dog Tag is the first official NFT collection minted from our own minting platform, BraveMint. Besides having a legacy value, Genesis Dog Tag will also give you a few exclusive perks in our ecosystem and upcoming mint.

  • 3x Whitelist Mint
  • Discount on Mint Price
  • Boarding Pass for Future Airdrops
  • Early Access to All Upcoming Tools from BraveLabs
  • Exclusive Access Pass for Raffles from BraveLabs
  • Semi-annual revenue share from BraveLabs based on the "Number of Shares" specified in the metadata.


Xperience Pass

Xperience Pass
  • Upto 9x Whitelist to the main mint
  • Guaranteed Whitelist for all coming mints
  • Whitelist for BraveMint partner mints (subject to availability)
  • Discount on Mint Price
  • Exclusive Discord Role
  • Early Access to Beta Testing of Tools of BraveLabs
  • Lifetime Access to All Upcoming Tools from BraveLabs
  • Lore arts airdrops
  • All-time priority access to future benefits
  • Exclusive Access Pass for Raffles from BraveLabs
  • Casting votes for proposals regarding the upcoming tools and utilities on BraveLabs
  • Semi-annual revenue share from BraveLabs based on the "Number of Shares" specified in the metadata.
  • Allocation of the Highest Number of BraveLabs shares.
  • Exclusive BraveMint credits (upto 700 NFTs) that can be used to mint NFTs using BraveMint for free.
  • Monthly scholarship opportunity


Roadmap 2022 - 2023

YEAR 2022
  • CNFT market analysis and trend assessment
  • Develop a clear vision and mission statement for the project
  • Create a detailed project plan outlining the goals, milestones, and deliverables
  • Introducing WenftDrops
  • Initiation of Brave Dogs NFT collection
  • Build and launch of BraveMint Beta Version
  • Hosting CNFT Tournament 2022
  • Public stress test mint of BraveMint
  • Release litepaper of WenftDrops
  • Twitter launch of Brave Dogs NFT
  • Community Building and Collaboration
  • Distributing Genesis DogTag with BraveMint
  • Doxxing with The Block Investment Group
Q1 2023
  • Continued development and improvement of BraveMint
  • Collaboration with renowned projects
  • Brave Dogs website launch
  • Publish the Brave Dogs Litepaper V0.1
  • Partnering with other NFT projects to offer free mint
  • Launching Brave Dogs Discord
  • Minting Xperience Pass
  • Curation of Brave Dogs Genesis NFT collection for unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal
  • Minting Brave Dogs Genesis NFT Collection
  • Release the first utility tool from BraveLabs
Q2 2023
  • Exclusive tool for the CNFT community
  • Continued development and improvement of BraveMint
  • Release new features for WenftDrops Calendar
  • Partnering with NFT projects to mint their drops
  • Formation of BraveLabs
Q3 2023
  • Release of our main PFP collection
  • Development of BraveLabs Staking Platform for Revenue Share
  • Collaborative Development of new tools with BIG (Block Investment Group)
  • BIG x Brave Mystery Chest V3 Update with Exciting new features and improvement
  • Collaboration with upcoming CNFT projects to promote our existing tools such as Sirius.
Q4 2023
  • The official roadmap of Q4 will be disclosed later to protect our ideas. Rest assured; we took an oath not to disappoint the degens.


Looking for answers?

What Is The Collection Size, Mint Price and Mint Date?
Collection size is 4888, our of which 444 will be allocated for treasury. Mint will happen in late July. Mint price is still TBA.
On which blockchain are the Brave Dogs NFTs being minted?
Cardano, duh!
Is there a whitelist?
Yes, there will be a whitelist for members who have actively participated in our community and demonstrated a commitment to the project and the future of Brave Dogs.
What is Genesis Dog Tag?

Genesis Dog Tag is the first official collection which is being minted by our very own minting engine BraveMint. It comes with exciting perks and benefits.

What is the price of Genesis Dog Tag?
Only the Bravest ones are chosen to have a Genesis Dog Tag, for free. The ones who always place the mission first and never accept defeat. Not to mention, never leave a fallen comrade! In the end, everyone enjoys the rewards for their bravery!
What is the price of Xperience Pass NFTs?
Xperience pass was minted for 175 ADA.
Could this be considered a financial investment?
We strongly advise you only to purchase a Brave Dogs NFT if you have a genuine interest in owning the artwork and are satisfied with the Utility that we already have delivered. Keep in mind that the value of Cardano, cryptocurrencies and NFTs can fluctuate greatly, so please exercise caution when making your decision.
What are the economic aspects of the project?
We already have multiple streams of utilities developed by BraveLabs, to generate revenue and make the project sustainable and grow as a community. BraveMint and WenftDrops are two already established products of BraveLabs.
What is BraveLabs?
BraveLabs is a platform that is meant for the future. We will continuously experiment and launch tools and utilities to move the ecosystem positively while keeping it exciting!
What is BraveMint?
BraveMint is one of the best Multisig Minting solutions on Cardano, developed by BraveLabs. Our objective is to offer a top-notch yet cost-effective minting solution on Cardano.
What is WenftDrops?

WenftDrops is an advanced Web3 tool with the most intuitive NFT Calendar and many innovative solutions, developed by BraveLabs.

Will there be rarity ranks?

Yes. We will submit listing requests on and

Which Minting Service Will be Used?

We will be using our own minting service, BraveMint. At the moment, we support the following wallets (Browser Extension).

  • Nami
  • Eternl
  • Typhon
  • Flint
What's the Policy ID of Brave Dogs NFT?
  • Genesis Dog Tag Policy ID: df5ff297c2cf79fffce4179c5f9a1ec4311e03fd6b2cde9775e7dbac

  • Genesis Collection: TBA
Is the Art Generated by A.I?
No, all our art is hand-drawn by our own artist OlieMerza. Our team has been working on this project since June 2022.
Is The Team Doxxed?

Yes, we are doxxed by the Block Investment Group.